Friday, 28 June 2013

My Project Life Process P.2.

Hi Guys! I thought I would share Part 2 of my PL process with you today. (In other words, my photos arrived today and I couldn't wait to get them scrapped.)
First of all, I trim all my photos and place them where I want them to go before filling in my journalling. Then I can start thinking about embellishment!

I like to keep things really simple: I don't have much money to spend on embellishments so I tend to use a bit of washi, some die cuts and maybe a brad or two, which you can see in the following photos.
Just as a quick reminder, I'm working on a few different weeks at the same time, which is why all the colour schemes don't match! Haha.

I tend to spend the most money on journalling cards, because when they have as much detail as the ones below, you don't need to add much embellishment!

Here's one of the finished weeks (you've seen the left page in a previous post). I know the colours don't totally match, but it doesn't bother me too much. I love how it looks and I love that parts of my every day life are captured, such as sunbathing whilst reading my kindle, embracing my curly natural hair and being excited at receiving scrapbooking goodies in the post.

Hope you're having a lovely day, link me to your PL posts!

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  1. Your scrapbooking is lovely! I want to start it too - do you have any recommendations for getting affordable student-friendly nice crafty things? :')

    I watched your Uni Room Tour from this year - your room is so sweet. ^_^ I've given you a follow on BlogLovin' and YouTube. :)

    Take care, Chloe! :D

    Chlo |



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