Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Snippets #1

Taking photos for blogposts / Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate / Winter socks because my room is like the Arctic / A sweet little bunny pen from my Nan / Bunny socks / My new baby, the Superstar Diana Mini / Reading for uni essays / A cheeky little haul / Home for the weekend, tea and Bloglovin whilst boyfriend watched football
 This is the first post of a new series on my blog, as discussed in my "New Schedule" post! It's called "Sunday Snippets" (as you can see from the title, haha) and it'll be a round up of my week, including my instagrams etc. This week was the second week back at university, and was pretty uneventful. My work is already piling up and I have so much to do, which is what prompted me to create a schedule for my YouTube channel and this blog.

I've spent the week trying to get some work done, and shopping! (Whoops). Perhaps the two loveliest items I've bought this week are my Diana Mini, and my Cath Kidston iPad case. Yes, indeed I did buy even more from Cath Kidston. The Diana Mini was from Urban Outfitters, and was reduced to just £25 in the sale! It's a beautiful lomography camera that uses old fashioned 35mm film, and it's completely got me hooked. I love the camera, and have already got my eye on a few others. The iPad case was a sale bargain too at £20, and I hope to pick up another one for my Mum.

My boyfriend stayed at mine on Friday night, and we drove back to my hometown on Saturday morning to spend a day with my family. We fancied a trip to the cinema last night so we went and watched The Wolf of Wall Street, and it was brilliant! Very, very long though. I spent a night at home and now I'm back at university, ready for another stressful, busy week.

I'm also doing a "Sunday Snippets" series over on my YouTube channel, where I have a little chat with my subscribers, answer their questions, or discuss a topic that they choose. Here's the first installment, that just introduces the concept.

How has your week been? :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My HUGE Cath Kidston Collection

So, today I realised something. I have a huge Cath Kidston addiction... I think it's verging on a problem. I mentioned on my YouTube channel a few videos back that I wanted to do a Cath Kidston collection video, and since then it's become my most requested video. Unfortunately, I've since moved back to university and today I noticed that I'd left a large chunk of my collection at home.

SO, for now I've put this blogpost together, and it's split into 3 parts. Firstly, we have the items I brought back to university with me, secondly there are the items I own but have left at home, and finally we have my Cath Kidston wishlist... because yes, despite my huge collection, there are indeed many, many more items that I'm lusting after.

Without further ado, these are the beautiful items I have with me at university.

First up, I have this gorgeous wine glass and tumbler duo. They're made out of plastic but hold up well in the dishwasher, and are perfect for university when I want to feel a bit fancy. I'm thinking of using the tumbler as a pot to store my lipsticks in though, as I don't want to wash it too many times and end up ruining it.

Next up, my handbag essentials. I have two little mirrors, one of which came with a makeup bag, and the other I bought by itself. I then have my key fob, (hoping to get another of these soon for my car keys), and a little hand cream. I have three of these hand creams, they're called the Blossom Trio and they smell amazing.

Now for the makeup bags... I'm embarrassed to say that I currently own four. Yes, four. BUT, to defend myself, they're all different sizes and styles, and all have different purposes. The largest one is a folding toiletry bag, and I use this when I stay overnight somewhere, or when I go on holiday. The small one in front of that is what I keep my everyday makeup essentials in, as it's nice and small for my handbag. The makeup bag next to that is what I transport my favourite nail varnishes in when I move between university and home, and the larger makeup bag behind that is what houses the rest of my makeup whilst I'm at university. (I still haven't sorted out any storage!)

These two purses are also staples in my handbag. The blue zip purse is like a Tardis; it fits SO much in it and is perfect for a receipt hoarder like myself. The white pencil case-style purse houses my keys, pens and highlighters for uni lectures, a hand cream, a mirror, lip balms... it's a little bag of treasures haha.

I then have this beautiful glasses case, and two ticket holders. Yep, two. Because clearly, one isn't enough. These hold my driving license, student cards, uni ID, railcard etc etc, and I just think they're adorable.

This is a little camera case that I keep my point and shoot digital camera in. It's lovely and has such a soft lining. The memory card slot on the inside is super useful too.

Finally, my favourites! These are the two Cath Kidston bags that I brought back to university with me. The day bag on the left is almost permanently attached to my arm, I absolutely love it and it matches pretty much all of my autumn/winter outfits. The larger, cream bag on the right is a new purchase, I bought it for weekends away and for moving my laptop to and from lectures or the library. Like all my CK bags they're both beautifully made and I adore them.

I also have two mini photo frames from Cath Kidston here at uni with me, they're in the main photo at the top of this post but I couldn't for the life of me get a decent photo of them by themselves!

Next, I've put together a little list of all the other items that I own, but have left at home. Brace yourselves, there's a lot of stuff in this photo!

1. A passport holder in the same birdy print as one of my ticket holders. I actually have two passport covers, but I couldn't find a photo of the other one anywhere... I assume the print has been discontinued.
2. A gorgeous little manicure set that I received as a Christmas gift from my grandparents a few years ago.
3. This isn't the exact box bag I have, mine is slightly larger and is in the white and pink Chelsea Rose print.
4. A pink spotty dog collar! I bought one of these for my cocker spaniel, Ruby. I plan to buy a red one next.
5. A beautiful journal, that I don't use nearly enough. All the inside pages have gorgeous floral borders.
6. A little coin purse that was a gift from my sister. I don't often use it but may start putting my change in it.
7. A crush mug, a new purchase from John Lewis. I LOVE this mug and think the pattern is perfect.
8. My messenger bag, which I used to use everyday for lugging college books around.
9. Yep, I have a second crush mug. This one is actually at university with me but I forgot to photograph it.
10. Almost every year I buy the mini diary that CK releases, this is the 2012 one (my favourite of the bunch).
11. My fifth and final bag is one of the book bags. I used to use this all the time at college.
12. My second Cath Kidston notebook, which I used lots in 2012/13 for jotting down YouTube ideas.
13. This isn't the exact phone case I had, but I used to have an iPhone 3gs and had a CK case like this one.
14. Again, this isn't the exact case (mine's discontinued), but my iPod touch has a lovely CK case.
15. I purchased this travel wallet before my holiday to Rome, and then forgot to take it with me!
16. Finally, I have one of the skinny pencil cases. Doesn't get much use now, but an old favourite.

So, as you can see, I do indeed have a Cath Kidston hoarding problem... but as far as obsessions go, I think it's a pretty good obsession to have. Just to encourage you guys to go and get addicted to her products yourselves, here is my current wishlist:

This beautiful iPad cover and a gorgeous iPad case to go with it, this makeup brush set, and this amazing cosmetic bag. *Sigh*, Cath Kidston products are just so purdy.

Do you have anything from Cath Kidston? What is your favourite item?

Monday, 13 January 2014

My Thoughts on University..

In general, I think there seems to be an accepted idea in society that university is an incredible experience, and that young people benefit from it and should make the most of every second. If you asked me last year what I thought of my uni experience, I'd say that it was the best decision of my life and that I couldn't believe I'd ever doubted whether I wanted to go.
Now? Not so much. The work last year was difficult enough, but this year has been something else... and it's only set to get more difficult with the onset of exams, more essays, and deciding on my dissertation topic. It doesn't help that I hate where I live, and feel hugely separated from the social side of university life.

Don't get me wrong, university has taught me so much: making new friends, expanding my knowledge on topics that I love, moving away from home and learning to look after myself... So obviously it hasn't totally been wasted. But I only have 8 hours a week where I'm in lectures or seminars, and some of my tutors are totally unhelpful. Not only this, but I pay £9000 in tuition fees and if I want to print something in the library, I have to pay! None of our course books are included in our fees either... what am I actually paying for? I'm going to be in £50,000 of debt when I leave, and for what? A degree, which thousands of other young people my age will have, and which doesn't really even relate to my chosen career path.

I guess I'm just trying to get these negative thoughts off my chest, so that I can move on and get this academic year finished... but mostly I'm just trying to say that if you're feeling like everyone is enjoying university except you, you're not weird, and you're not alone. It isn't all it cracked up to be. Not for me, anyway. I'm thinking that next year I might try and move back into halls, I was much happier when living on campus.

I'll be back tomorrow with a happier post, I promise!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

If you're into craft/scrapbooking...

This post might be for you! I love scrapbooking and have documented my whole life from birth in 1994, up until the present day. I have a big old haul up on my channel from yesterday (don't worry, everything was given to me for Christmas or bought before I imposed my spending ban on myself!!) and thought I'd post it here. Also, I hit 100 bloglovin followers last night! Thanks so much everyone.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dreaming of Summer...

I had a fantastic summer.  
Family birthdays, time with my friends, meeting my boyfriend and a holiday in Rome with my best friend. I'm definitely a summer baby and can't wait to swap jumpers for shorts and ditsy florals. 

Just wondering if anyone was lusting for sunshine like me? 
Have a lovely day guys.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas | 2013

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and was spoilt by my family and boyfriend. Along with perfume, jewellery and some clothes, I also got lots of cute little gifts, scrapbooking supplies and jokey presents. If you want a closer look, I made a video on my presents on my channel! 

What did you get for Christmas?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Farewell 2013

Oh 2013.

Well, what a strange and mixed bag 2013 has been for myself and my family. It started off reasonably well, I finally felt at peace with myself after a year and a half of feeling like a failure, after my first serious relationship broke down. I was so happy at university, and couldn't wait to continue on with my degree. I was happy with how I looked, and really was in such a positive place. 

Don't get me wrong, I've had some wonderful experiences this year. I passed my first year of university with good grades, met my wonderful boyfriend and went on holiday to Rome with my best friend. However, things sort of deteriorated around September time... I'm unhappy with where I live at uni, which gets me down and has affected how I feel about university as a whole. I failed my driving test three times this year. Yes you read that right, three times. To top it off, I had a terrible Christmas as my Nan is very, very poorly in hospital.

The point of writing this post isn't to be all "doom and gloom" though. The point of this post is to reminisce about a bit of a mixed year and to think about what I can do next year to make things better. I'm going to throw myself into my university work so that I stress less about the house that I'm living in, and I'm going to put money away each month for a huge holiday in South America in 2015 with my boyfriend. I am also planning on nurturing my YouTube channels and blog even further. I can't believe I have over 1,600 YouTube subscribers now! Other than that, I'm just going to keep on going as I have been; taking each day as it comes.

I finished 2013 with some of my best friends and my boyfriend, and there's no place I would have rather been. I hope you all had a wonderful 2013, and that 2014 brings happiness to each of you. Happy New Year, and speak soon!

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