Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #5

First three photos are garden centre goodies / Selfies with Kung Fu Panda / The newest addition to our brood, Teddy Bun / My beloved Nan passed away this week / Abandoning uni for the week to come home and be with family / Re-arranging my shelves as a distraction / Wishing I could go back to Summer holidays in Rome / Cuddles with Teddy Bun / Attempting some uni work / Little presents from my Mum / Can you tell I'm in love with Ted? / Filming a Q+A for my channel / Tea and biscuits with my Mum's parents <3
I feel like all I ever do on my blog is moan lately, but unfortunately I lost my beloved Nanny Annie, my Dad's Mum, this week. She'd had a long stay in hospital and I'm relieved that she's no longer in pain, but that doesn't make the grief any easier. I rushed home in the middle of the night on Tuesday (thankyou boyfriend) and have been at home ever since. I go back to university tonight much to my dismay.

As you can see from the photos though, I haven't been moping around as I know full well that my Nan would hate that. Her funeral is all arranged and I'm going to see her at the undertakers this week, so I will say my final goodbyes then and I'm sure it'll be awful, but she'd hate for me to be sitting around depressed. I've attempted to get as much uni work done as possible, and have spent time with other family members.

As you can see from the overload of bunny photos, we also adopted a new little fella this week. His name is Teddy Bun (Ted for short, Theodore is his full name hehe) and he's fit right in. I'm totally in love with him and can't wait for him to be introduced to the others in a few weeks (all my bunnies are neutered and so is Ted, don't worry!).

I hope you've all had a lovely week, and that the next one will be kind to you.

Friday, 21 February 2014

We Go to Garden Centres...

Quite a few members of my family are pretty into gardening and flowers; especially my youngest brother Liam who's twelve, and my Nan on my Mum's side of the family. I spent most of this weekend home from university, and when Monday rolled around and I had no lectures, I thought I'd tag along on a trip to a local garden centre with my Mum, Nan and brother. Now don't get me wrong, I love flowers... but I mainly join them on these little escapades to drool over the gorgeous homeware that these places often stock, lust after all the baking supplies, and to eat cake in the café that is undoubtedly going to be attached to the garden centre.

This time though, I thoroughly enjoyed having a peek at all the flowers, and if you can't tell from the photos... Primroses are definitely my favourites! I did pick up a few bits and pieces for when I redecorate my room at home (I'm moving back in April for at least the next year) and that bunny calendar was just £1 in the end, bargain! Of course, I couldn't say no to that bunny candle holder either, could I? Someone needs to take away my bank card.

PS: Sadly, my Dad's Mum, my beloved Nanny Annie, passed away on Tuesday evening. I wrote this post originally on Monday night but I've come back and edited it just to say that if I'm absent for a little while, you now know why. I have some pre-written posts though that just need to be published, so hopefully you won't notice if I take a break at all and will still have plenty to read! If this experience has taught me anything it's that time is so precious, and we all take it for granted. Give the ones you love a cuddle from me, and spend your time wisely xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #4

Wonderful gifts from the Valentines Box Swap / Real Techniques dupes for £5! / My bunny Cupcake was so very ill this week / Relentless rain and flooding where I live / Breakfast at the SU / Roses from my Valentine / My polaroid prints arrived! / Home for the weekend means visiting my fluffy baby / Back off to uni, heavy on the Cath Kidston...
 How was everyone's week? I feel like I'm always dwelling on the negative so even though I got yet more awful news in the last few days, let's focus on the good things that happened! I got all of my presentations out of the way by Thursday morning, and achieved high grades for both of them which was a relief. I received some lovely goodies in the post, and got to spend Valentines evening and most of Saturday with my boyfriend, who surprised me with some gorgeous roses. I went home for the weekend and realised that I missed my family so much... I found it VERY difficult to drag myself back to uni today.

Like I said I did get some rubbish news this weekend though and it's been quite hard, so that's the reason that yet again there's no Sunday video on my channel (sorry!) Hope you've all had a lovely, stress free week and that this one treats you kindly as well.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #3

Owl nails / Hot chocolate with marshmallows is the best / The ADORABLE bunny I may be adopting / My weetabix had a little heart in it / Heading off to work, in love with my scarf / The stuff of dreams, my first creme egg of the year / A cup of tea with a friend between lectures / I love this folder and my pencil case / What I'm currently doing; sorting notes for a presentation.
Well just like that, another week has flown by! As much as I'm excited for this term to be over (this year of university hasn't been kind to me) it's kind of scary that we're already on the 9th of February... where are the weeks going?!

This week started off very, very difficultly..I'd had an emotionally draining weekend and was stuck in a rut if you know what I mean? Spending a lot of time in bed, crying and eating junk food haha. I actually skipped a lecture on Tuesday, because I just couldn't face it. However, by Thursday and Friday I'd had enough, and decided to pull myself together.

I got a load of little jobs done that had been bothering me, I've booked a driving lesson for tomorrow (I'm 19 and have a car sat at home, it's high time I passed) and got a little chunk of my assignments started. It's incredible how much better you can feel just getting a few little bits and pieces sorted.

I've also inquired about a few rescue bunnies to add to my furry family, but may wait until Summer instead when I move back home, and had a great night out on Friday; you'll notice that no photos are included, I was a mess! This weekend has been spent with my boyfriend, and getting work done this evening :)

This week is bound to be stressful as I have to give two presentations and officially decide on a topic for next year's dissertation, but I'm feeling much more determined and positive. I hope you're having a wonderful week, and that next week will treat you right.

PS: remind me that this week I have to ring my previous employers to chase up my wages, and ring Royal Mail to find out where my parcel has gone! Oooh, and I need to buy my items/send off my Valentines Beauty Box Swap. Too much to remember.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Bunny Love (Pet Post!)

It's no secret, I love bunnies. I cried when BunnyMama's Rambo passed away (find her on Instagram, her pets are adorable), and I'm part of an online forum where everyone natters about their furry buddies (and other stuff too... have you ever heard of a penis beaker?! Yep, there was a thread about those). My YouTube channel also used to be bunny-focused, so if you're interested in those old videos my channel is over in my sidebar >>

I'm not really sure what the purpose of this post is, but I do know that I want my blog to be more lifestyle based... and my pets are part of that lifestyle. They make me giggle with the silly things they do, when it feels like nothing and no one else could lift my bad mood. Seeing them snuggled up together makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Watching them dig into a big pile of hay and search around for the best bits makes me feel like at least with them, I'm doing something right. 

Sadly, I no longer have Benji (bottom row, middle photo) or Peanut Butter (middle row, last photo) as they both passed away in 2011, but I am still the proud owner of Cupcake, Pudding, Nahla and... Wotsit. (My boyfriend's choice of name, *rolls eyes*) and we may be adding to our furry family again soon. Since starting up my blog again I've noticed that quite a few of you girls have bunnies, so tell me all about them in the comments! Or any of your pets for that matter, I'm an animal enthusiast in general.

I hope their little bunny faces have brightened your day, and if you have any questions/want to see more of my pets (we also have dogs, chickens and guinea pigs) let me know in the comments :)

Have a great day, I'm off to snuggle one of the bun buns before I leave for uni.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #2

Current favourite perfume / Trying to use my instax more / A beautiful bracelet* sent to me by @JewelleryBee / Trying to get some uni work done / My little blue eyed bunny / A budget beauty haul from Superdrug / In the car ready to go to my boyfriend's for the weekend / Struggling to get good swatches / The thumbnail of Sunday's video

Hey everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely week. Mine has been much the same as last week, except I've curbed my spending!

I wanted to try out and review some budget beauty bits, so I made a small order with Superdrug and managed to get 11 items for just £20! I've done swatches of all the lip products and they seem okay, but we'll see how it goes; hopefully there will be some reviews up soon.

The weekdays themselves were pretty uneventful, but I spent Friday-Sunday with my boyfriend, it was his nephew's first birthday so we went to his party, and just chilled yesterday. On Friday night though, he stayed at mine where we filmed this week's Sunday Snippets video for my channel: "Cooking" with Will and Chloé! It was pretty much a disaster, but it was hilarious. Here's the video if you'd like to watch it:

University deadlines are getting nearer and I have two presentations to do next week, so I better get moving and work on them. Have a good week!