Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #5

First three photos are garden centre goodies / Selfies with Kung Fu Panda / The newest addition to our brood, Teddy Bun / My beloved Nan passed away this week / Abandoning uni for the week to come home and be with family / Re-arranging my shelves as a distraction / Wishing I could go back to Summer holidays in Rome / Cuddles with Teddy Bun / Attempting some uni work / Little presents from my Mum / Can you tell I'm in love with Ted? / Filming a Q+A for my channel / Tea and biscuits with my Mum's parents <3
I feel like all I ever do on my blog is moan lately, but unfortunately I lost my beloved Nanny Annie, my Dad's Mum, this week. She'd had a long stay in hospital and I'm relieved that she's no longer in pain, but that doesn't make the grief any easier. I rushed home in the middle of the night on Tuesday (thankyou boyfriend) and have been at home ever since. I go back to university tonight much to my dismay.

As you can see from the photos though, I haven't been moping around as I know full well that my Nan would hate that. Her funeral is all arranged and I'm going to see her at the undertakers this week, so I will say my final goodbyes then and I'm sure it'll be awful, but she'd hate for me to be sitting around depressed. I've attempted to get as much uni work done as possible, and have spent time with other family members.

As you can see from the overload of bunny photos, we also adopted a new little fella this week. His name is Teddy Bun (Ted for short, Theodore is his full name hehe) and he's fit right in. I'm totally in love with him and can't wait for him to be introduced to the others in a few weeks (all my bunnies are neutered and so is Ted, don't worry!).

I hope you've all had a lovely week, and that the next one will be kind to you.


  1. Wow these photos are all so bright coloured. Very summery. I am sorry to hear ablut your nan but its good to know you are managing well and doing exactly what she would have wanted you to do. Have a good week and stay positive, as much as you can :) Happy thoughts...
    Eb x

  2. Sorry about your nan. Losing a family member is never good but as you said, your nan would like you to be happy and strong and I'm sure you will feel like that soon. Stay strong and positive Chloé x


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