Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #3

Owl nails / Hot chocolate with marshmallows is the best / The ADORABLE bunny I may be adopting / My weetabix had a little heart in it / Heading off to work, in love with my scarf / The stuff of dreams, my first creme egg of the year / A cup of tea with a friend between lectures / I love this folder and my pencil case / What I'm currently doing; sorting notes for a presentation.
Well just like that, another week has flown by! As much as I'm excited for this term to be over (this year of university hasn't been kind to me) it's kind of scary that we're already on the 9th of February... where are the weeks going?!

This week started off very, very difficultly..I'd had an emotionally draining weekend and was stuck in a rut if you know what I mean? Spending a lot of time in bed, crying and eating junk food haha. I actually skipped a lecture on Tuesday, because I just couldn't face it. However, by Thursday and Friday I'd had enough, and decided to pull myself together.

I got a load of little jobs done that had been bothering me, I've booked a driving lesson for tomorrow (I'm 19 and have a car sat at home, it's high time I passed) and got a little chunk of my assignments started. It's incredible how much better you can feel just getting a few little bits and pieces sorted.

I've also inquired about a few rescue bunnies to add to my furry family, but may wait until Summer instead when I move back home, and had a great night out on Friday; you'll notice that no photos are included, I was a mess! This weekend has been spent with my boyfriend, and getting work done this evening :)

This week is bound to be stressful as I have to give two presentations and officially decide on a topic for next year's dissertation, but I'm feeling much more determined and positive. I hope you're having a wonderful week, and that next week will treat you right.

PS: remind me that this week I have to ring my previous employers to chase up my wages, and ring Royal Mail to find out where my parcel has gone! Oooh, and I need to buy my items/send off my Valentines Beauty Box Swap. Too much to remember.


  1. I sent off for my provisional license on Monday so hopefully it wont take too long to arrive then I can start drivinggg! I cant wait!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I'm 21 with a car sitting in my driveway taunting my lack of license. I'm determined to pass my test but I always make stupid mistakes towards the end of each lesson, it's a pain in the butt.

    I'm happy to know you're feeling better after your emotionally draining weekend, we all have to have them at some point xx

    Raise The Waves


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