Monday, 17 February 2014

Sunday Snippets #4

Wonderful gifts from the Valentines Box Swap / Real Techniques dupes for £5! / My bunny Cupcake was so very ill this week / Relentless rain and flooding where I live / Breakfast at the SU / Roses from my Valentine / My polaroid prints arrived! / Home for the weekend means visiting my fluffy baby / Back off to uni, heavy on the Cath Kidston...
 How was everyone's week? I feel like I'm always dwelling on the negative so even though I got yet more awful news in the last few days, let's focus on the good things that happened! I got all of my presentations out of the way by Thursday morning, and achieved high grades for both of them which was a relief. I received some lovely goodies in the post, and got to spend Valentines evening and most of Saturday with my boyfriend, who surprised me with some gorgeous roses. I went home for the weekend and realised that I missed my family so much... I found it VERY difficult to drag myself back to uni today.

Like I said I did get some rubbish news this weekend though and it's been quite hard, so that's the reason that yet again there's no Sunday video on my channel (sorry!) Hope you've all had a lovely, stress free week and that this one treats you kindly as well.


  1. Always look on the bright side of life :)

    Eb x

  2. Congratulations on the grades! I hope you're feeling better, I'm sorry you've been stressed :(


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