Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Obsessed With Cameras? Me? Never...

In the last year or two, I have become unhealthily obsessed with cameras and photography. I own a small digital point and shoot (a Fujifilm Finepix something or other) that's always in my handbag, and a Samsung WB100 bridge camera that I film my YouTube videos and take blog photos with. I'm lusting after a DSLR, but that's another story...

In the last 9 months though, I became very interested in more "alternative" cameras, lomography and instant cameras in particular. My wonderful boyfriend bought me my Fuji Instax Mini for my birthday last year, and I picked up the Diana Superstar Mini in the Urban Outfitters sale for just £25! Obviously these cameras can work out quite expensive when you factor in the price of film, but I just adore them. 

I LOVE these cameras for documenting special events, though obviously it's always advisable to take photos on another camera as well, even your phone, as the results with instant/lomography cameras can be unpredictable... especially when you first start using them! Hopefully I'll be able to share some of my photography with you soon.

Do you have any "alternative" cameras? Which ones do you recommend?


  1. I really want a Fuji Instax, it has an old fashioned feel about it which I love! UO is such a cool place too :D

  2. I feel you girl. I'm obsessed with cameras. I have an old 35mm camera that my dad gave me. It's bulky but still pretty cool. I have the old fashion polaroid. I also have an Fuji Instax. I'm also currently looking for an old vintage Lubitel.

    I have sort of a problem.

    1. Haha I feel like that'll be me in the next few years :')

  3. Ooo cool. I would really like one of these cameras. The images which come out look so cool and it is just far more special on a one of them !
    Eb x

  4. I love the mini!! Super cute x

  5. Girlfriend i know what you mean! I love photography as much as i love scrapbooking. I have collected about 40 vintage cameras and that's not including my 2 digital camers and my instax camera! Lol when i have my own place i want a scrapbook room with a wall shelf displaying all of my cameras. :D


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