Monday, 17 March 2014

Sunday Snippets #7 (Two Weeks of Photos!)

Essay reading / Hot chocolate at the train station / Panda selfie / First blossom I've seen this year! / Wild primroses in our garden / Night out at Bop / Hangover socks / A jaw abscess means one thing: soup / Reading The White Princess whilst ill in bed / Teddy selfie / Embracing my naturally curly hair / Niece and nephew on the beach / Morning cuppa / A sunny walk in Winchester / Free Costa! / A few Primark purchases / Blog photographs / 8am essay writing at uni / Went home for the night, reunited with my puppy! / Won a Facebook comp, prize was this bunny house / Box of chocolates from my boyfriend's mum / Naughty purchases / Derpy selfie / Back at uni, primroses and a coffee break / Cuddles with grumpy Ted.
 Hey everyone! I feel like it's been forever since I wrote a post. Unfortunately last weekend I was laid up in bed with a jaw abscess, the pain had me in agony for nearly a week! I couldn't even get up most days, it was horrendous. As a result, I may have to have surgery on my jaw to remove the tooth and fix the problem... fun fun. 

To make up for last week's absence, I've put all the photos from the last two weeks into this one post! I really love this little Sunday segment, it's so lovely to look back over my weeks and see that even though rubbish stuff has happened, there's still a little something good in every day... or at least, there's always something pretty to take a photo of. 

The last two weeks have seen me getting essays finished, going on nights out, being stuck in bed ill and living off soup, and visiting home for some of this weekend. It's gone by in a flash and I can't wait to whizz through the next three weeks! What have you guys been up to?

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  1. Oh no ! Hope you are better soon. All your photos are so cute - they look perfect in the collage !
    Eb x


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