Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Snippets #6

My £1 eBay watch / Workspace Wednesday - essay writing / a Thursday selfie / At my second home, the train station / A spot of shopping / Beautiful day on Saturday / Teddy love / First ever cake pop / Back at the train station
I can't believe that another week has been and gone, and I'm one more week closer to going home permanently: yay! Only 5 weeks left. This week has been a blur really and if you asked me what I was doing this time last week.... to be honest I don't remember!

I tried to get as much work done as possible this week, and as a result I only have 2 assignments left to complete before the end of term... I'm so proud of myself as I have a good amount of time to get them done and dusted now. It's going to be a hard couple of weeks getting everything finished but I'm really determined.

We also laid my Nanny to rest on Friday, it was honestly the hardest day of my life so far. It was so emotionally draining and It's horrendous to think that I'll have to go through it again, and again, and again as other family members age. I spent Thursday-Sunday at home with my family though and it was lovely to get away from university again.

I also did some shopping, as you can see! I got a watch from eBay for just £1 and it's amazing, I've had so many compliments. I also FINALLY got my mitts on the Sleek blush in Rose Gold and their eyebrow kit (hopefully reviews will come soon) as well as some cute home bits from Primark. I love my bedroom at home and will hopefully do a room tour for you next month.

That's all for this week really, as usual I hope you've had a great week and that the next one will be just as fab. Hopefully I'll get back to posting regularly and making videos this week!


  1. I love that watch. I would love a one similar. The only difference in the ones I have seen is the price grrrr...
    Eb x

  2. the watch is so pretty! what a bargain x

  3. Loving your youtube channel and blog! I share many of your interests :)
    Cute pictures; these snippets' posts are great!
    - Madalena, Portugal

  4. That watch is gorgeous!


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