Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fluffy Goodness

I'm honestly in love with this fluffy face. (Yes, I do have five rabbits. Yes, I am nearly 20 years old. No, I don't care that I get called a "freak" or "weird" on a regular basis.)

I just thought I'd post this sweet photo of Nahla from a few weeks ago, to make up for the fact that I've barely been posting at all recently. You know when you just have nothing valuable to say? Yeah, that. I have nothing to photograph or chat about, and I'm supposed to be revising, so for the next week I'm afraid that my blog will probably continue to be a bit boring. 

I have however uploaded quite a few YouTube videos recently, so you could always pop over to chloemurray1994 on there if you're bored ;) 

I hope you're all well!


  1. Your bunny is so cute :) I know the feeling with uni work, its so hard to keep up with blogging whilst busy with revising and assignments

  2. Oh my goodness so cute! Don't worry I've got university exams to revise for as well so you're not alone! xx

  3. That bunny is the absolute cutest!!! Good luck with your exams and I hope the past ones went well :)

  4. Aww there's nothing wrong with having lots of animals. My sister is 35 and is getting her 5th chihuahua from a rescue centre soon.


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