Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A New Obsession; Planners

I may be out of work just now, but I'm still insanely busy most of the time and I figured I needed a new planner. I watched a few reviews on YouTube and realised that I'd really like a Filofax, but I do not have £50-100 lying around! Instead, I had a peek on the Paperchase website, otherwise known as the place of dreams. To my astonishment, I found an absolute bargain of a planner. This one still had the 2013-14 insert in, so as a result it was reduced to just £8. 

It's the Bloom style, in the personal size. I absolutely adore it and as you can see, I've already started using it. So that my messy planning didn't offend your eyeballs, I snapped my photos when the pages were still fairly clear: I'm using it to plan which videos I'd like to upload on which day, and eventually I will get some sort of insert that allows me to plan blogposts too.

I also bought a ridiculous amount of sticky notes and the like to use with the planner... stationery is my weakness.

Do you use a planner? Do you enjoy it?


  1. I got myself a filofax off ebay for £19.99. I absolutely love it. Your planner is beautiful.

  2. I love using planners! It makes me feel so organised and I love the satisfaction of ticking something off once its done! xxxx


  3. Your planner is so pretty!! You have it so neat as well. I might actually invest in one of these in September rather than just a normal diary xx

  4. I absolutely love your blog, I always find myself scrolling down it, reading new and old posts :)
    I love planners too! love being oraganised! - a girl with a blog

    1. Awww I'm glad you like my blog, thanks! :) x

  5. Wow. As soon as I saw this I went on to paperchase and I now have priced and picked out the stuff I would like ! I think I am going to get one ! I love how you can be so much more creative with them ! Love it !
    Eb x


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