Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Project Life Spread: April/May

Here are the the last two pages in my album that document April! In fact, these two pages document nearly a month; they go from the middle of April, to nearly the middle of May. During this time I was revising for my university exams, so I didn't have much time for photos or scrapbooking.

These pages talk about Easter, a little about revision and a lot about the bunnies.. as usual, I've thrown a little bit in there about my relationship too. Those of you who scrapbook, do you talk about your relationship? Obviously if you're married with children etc it's a little different, but my boyfriend and I have only been together for just under a year, and until recently I've been reluctant to mention him properly in my albums. From the ages of 15-17 I was dating the same boy (so for 2 years!) and he doesn't appear in my scrapbook albums at all! I guess I'm just worried that if my boyfriend and I broke up for whatever reason, it would make me sad to look back through my albums and see him/read a lot of journalling about him. I've been tentatively adding him in here and there, and there are a few mentions of him in my 2013 album, I'm just a bit of a wuss! Haha. 

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed having a look into these next few pages of my album, and I will be back again soon with more!


  1. Oh my god!! Where is that from?!?! I'm so in love, your writing is to die for!!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. The album? It's from Sarah's Cards online :D xx


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