Thursday, 17 July 2014

Croatia Pt. 1 | Travel Chatter

Hi guys! I thought it might be nice to share a few of my holiday photos on the blog over the next few days, and have a little chat about what we got up to and where we went.

Zadar, Croatia is a beautiful place and though there were no proper beaches in this area (unlike Split, where there are stunning areas of coastline) there were plenty of places to swim and enjoy being near the sea. Perhaps the loveliest of these is the Sea Organ: a set of steps leading directly into the sea that make organ music as the tide comes in, thanks to specially designed holes and gaps in the cement... it's so clever! The Sea Organ music quickly became the soundtrack to our holiday. It's a great place to swim and sunbathe, all the local kids have diving competitions here too which were funny to watch!

We stayed in the Kolega Guesthouse for most of our stay. It was perfectly situated; we were within walking distance of everything, the rooms were cheap but lovely and the couple who run the place are adorable. People tend to only stay there one or two nights, but we loved our stay there and I'd happily go back.

So there's a little introduction to where we were, I will be back tomorrow with more details!

Hope you're all well, 


  1. So excited for the rest of your Croatia posts, travel posts are my fave, it looks like a gorgeous place! x

    What Rachael Wrote


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