Sunday, 20 July 2014

Croatia Pt. 2 | Travel Chatter

Hey guys!

I'm back again today, talking about my holiday to Croatia! On our third day, some amazing storms hit that absolutely terrified me, I've never seen thunder and lightning like it! You can see the storm gathering in a couple of photos, I particularly like the one where the storm clouds are starting to swirl over the Sea Organ. We realised pretty quickly that it was going to pour down, so we hurried home and ended up staying awake most of the night, just watching the storm.

What I was shocked about was how quickly the weather goes back to normal after a storm. It rained ALL night, but within an hour the sky was blue again with not a cloud in sight, and it was just as hot and sunny as the day before! Unfortunately, we had a couple of storms whilst we were there, but to be honest they were such fun to watch that we didn't really mind most of the time.

The first two photos show some of the Roman ruins that are still left in Zadar. The owner of our guesthouse told us that Zadar was once under Venetian rule, which explains the obvious Italian influence in the architecture and food. There are ancient pillars left standing everywhere, and people are still allowed to just jump and climb all over them. It's not particularly clear, but the first photo shows the remains of Roman foundations under the ground, which were preserved and then made a feature of. The sheet of glass allows you to still see them, and at night they light up so you can still see everything clearly... it's a really clever idea!

So those are a few more photos of my trip, I'll be back next time with some beautiful photos of Plitvice Lakes!


  1. I've never been to Croatia but it looks lovely! x

    1. It really was beautiful. PS, I love your name! x

  2. So sorry bad weather hit you whilst in MY country, unfortunally, this is the worst year to visit us, weather has never been so moody and bad, its usually sunny and hot... Hope u've enjoyed ur stay here! Come visit me in Zagreb! :*


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