Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How I Store My Scrapbook Supplies!

I cannot STAND mess... like really, I can't stand it. Obviously there are days when I rush around and there are clothes everywhere etc etc, but I have to tidy up as soon as I can and this goes for my scrapbooking supplies too.

When I first started "properly" scrapbooking in 2012, I had nooooo idea that I'd eventually start collecting so many supplies, and this year it became obvious to me that I would have to create some sort of storage system. A couple of months ago my Mum and I trotted off to IKEA and I picked up this white, four cube Kallax unit for just £20, and the two floral Drona boxes for £2.50 each (the boxes store random bits and pieces that don't look pretty on display, haha). I cannot stress enough how perfect this unit is for scrapbook storage, and one day when I have an office/craft room of my own, I will definitely be getting more of these. 12x12 albums fit perfectly in the little cubby holes; originally I had them stood up properly (as you can see in the video below), but now I prefer them stacked.

The white wire basket with all my letter stickers in was also from IKEA, and it was around £3. The stickers don't fit perfectly into it, but for now I think it looks fine, and I also store my La de Dah pens, Wreck this Journal and other random bits and bobs in there. As for my buttons and washi tape, I knew straight away that I wanted to have them on display as they're just so darn cute. Both of the storage jars are from B&M, and neither of them cost more than £2.99.

Lastly, I have my two little "caddies". I'm currently really enjoying Project Life style scrapbooking again, (I've posted about this in the past, and there are videos on my channel), and so I keep all of my Project Life supplies on hand in these little containers. I tend to scrapbook on the floor as I don't have enough room anywhere else, so it's SO handy to be able to just pick up my supplies and have everything I need. The white letter holder is from Wilkinsons, and it's currently storing La de Dah embellishments that I need to review, and embellishments and letter stickers that come in my Gossamer Blue subscription kits. The cream wire rack is from TK MAXX, and it's honestly a scrapbooking lifesaver. It holds my glue, scissors, corner rounder, mini stapler, a few favourite stamps, 6x6 paper pads, 3x4 and 4x6 cards, and in the front I have the cards that come in the Gossamer Blue kits. I like to use these up first, hence they are in the front section. This sort of organisation is perfect for Project Life, and makes scrapping a lot easier for me.

If you'd like to see things in more detail then take a look at the video below! If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I hope you're all well.


  1. Love your baskets and the jars - I have some vintage jars filled with sewing machine bobbins and old pieces of thread. I actually have a craft room, well it's a craft come office room but until I work some some more shelving it's more office than craft but it's something I'm looking forward to properly organising!

    1. That sounds great! Can't wait to have my own little space to craft in... don't think that'll be for a few years yet though!

  2. I like how you organized all those things, Chloe! Your scrapbooking project will definitely be easier, now that those materials are well-arranged and easily within your reach. Plus, you don’t have to dig through tons of supplies that you have to find the material you were looking for. Cheers!

    Harry Newton @ All Scrap Book Steals


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