Monday, 15 September 2014

Current Journals and Planners! | September 2014

I love journals and planners, you guys know this already. What you might not know though is that I'm so obsessed with them, that I have 11 I use on a regular basis. Yep, 11. A five-year memory book, a Wreck this Journal, listography books, an art journal... you name it, I probably own and use it.

I'm actually working full-time this week and haven't had a chance to put a proper post together, but I did pre-film a video showing you all my journals and what I use them for... feel free to give it a watch!

Hope you're all well, I can't wait for this week to be over so that I have a little more free time again!


Thursday, 11 September 2014

September Q&A!

Hello everyone!

Another lazy post and video today I'm afraid, but I think you can forgive me considering I wrote an essay of a post yesterday evening! 

It's been about four months since I did a Q&A on my YouTube channel, so I asked for questions on my Facebook page last week; here's the resulting video!

Have a lovely day,

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Starting up Scrapbooking | Tips & Tricks!

Hello everyone!

Today's post is one that has been requested so, many, times! You will probably know by now that I do a lot of scrapbooking; it's a great love of mine and something that has always been popular on my YouTube channel in particular. One of the most common questions that I get on a daily basis is: "Can you do a video on starting up scrapbooking? What supplies shall I get? Where shall I buy from?" I always thought it would be quite a difficult video to film and as I mention my favourite brands/companies a lot anyway, I never saw the point in worrying myself over a video. 

However, recently the question is being asked more and more, and so I decided to just bite the bullet and film a quick, simple video on it.

My Tips & Tricks for Starting up Scrapbooking:

  1. Decide on your scrapbook album: This is important, as the size of album you choose will dictate which supplies you buy. For example, if you want to use a 12x12 album, you will most likely need to purchase 12x12 scrapbook paper. If you pick a journal such as a La de Dah or Smashbook, you could focus more on other embellishments, as the paper in those journals is gorgeous as it is. I personally prefer 12x12 D-ring albums as I mainly do Project Life scrapbooking, however I do use La de Dah journals as mini albums and also purchased a teeny tiny 4x4 Instagram album recently.
  2. Pick your embellishments: As I say in the video, there are so many embellishments available that I just can't go into them all. Instead, I put together a little list of my personal must-haves, which are: 6x6 patterned paper pads (they have SO many uses), a corner-rounder (does just what you think, it rounds the corners of paper... I love mine!), journalling cards (again, thousands of uses!) and washi tape (patterned, coloured tape... need I say more?!) These are my personal favourites, as I feel you could put together a decent layout with just those staple items. Obviously, you'll see from my scrapbooks that I LOVE detailed pages, and other favourite embellishments are wood veneer, ephemera packs and flair badges. Letter stickers are also an absolute favourite.
  3. Find inspiration: People often ask me where I find inspiration for my scrapbooks, and to be honest I just throw together bits and pieces that I think look nice. Whenever I try to "scrap-lift" (copy, basically) someone else's layout, it never ends well and I prefer to come up with my own ideas... however, the Two Peas in a Bucket YouTube channel opened my eyes to whole new ranges of beautiful scrapbooking products and fabulous ideas, and though they don't upload any more the channel is worth looking at. Pinterest is also fab too, as always! 
  4. Find your favourite retailer!: Finally, the fun part! Buying stuff! Viewers always ask me where to buy scrappy supplies, and my favourite online retailers are Hey Little Magpie, and Papermaze. Amazon and HobbyCraft are handy for finding random bargains, as well.
So there we have it! I hope this post is helpful, and that it inspires some of you/answers your questions! If you'd rather listen to everything I just said rather than read it, here's the video:

Have a good day!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Beautiful Books?

Hello everyone!

So it's no secret that I absolutely love books... if you've spent five minutes on this page/my YouTube channel then that much is obvious! A few years ago I had around 500/600 books, and things were getting a little out of hand as I had no storage space. As a result, I gave the majority away and kept just 150 favourites. Only 150! Fast forward a year or so and I regretted that decision so badly. 

As a result, I've been trying to build my collection back up, and I've been purchasing books that I previously read and loved, but no longer had a copy of. Particularly, I've been buying beautiful editions of classic literature; and oh my goodness, there are some beautiful books about. 

I want to use this post to celebrate Penguin Publishing in particular, because some of the collections they've released have absolutely stunned me into beautiful-book-induced silence. If you want to find a publishers that churns out the most gorgeous of classic covers, look no further than Penguin! 

The copy of Lolita you can see above, comes from the Penguin Essentials collection; a range of much-loved novels released in beautiful new covers, in mass-market paperback form. I must admit, I'm not a fan of mass-market paperbacks, but I had to have this copy of Lolita as it was just too beautiful.

The stunning edition of Middlemarch by George Eliot comes from the Penguin Clothbound classics, a collection that I want every, single, book from. Unfortunately I'm a student on a student budget, so until I come into some money I'll have to be satisfied with just this one. The books are hardback but as the name suggests, they're bound in cloth, and printed with beautiful images that relate in some way to the story.

Probably my favourite Penguin collection are the Penguin Threads books. My boyfriend bought me this copy of The Wizard of Oz for my birthday, and I actually cried a little bit! (He also bought me the copies of Lolita and Pride and Prejudice) The books are just breath-taking, honestly. (Well, they are if you're a book freak lover like me!) They're paperbacks, but come complete with French flaps, and the covers are printed to look as if they've been completely hand-sewn. The deckled edges add to the "hand made" effect and ohhhh my, I'm in love with these books. So much so, that I actually went online immediately and ordered four more of the books in the collection, which I'm anxiously waiting for.

I don't have any to hand just yet, but other favourite collections of mine (from Penguin of course) are the Penguin Ink, Deluxe Classics, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Drop Caps editions. *Swoon*. Go and google them. Seriously.

The last book I want to share with you today is that gorgeous copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It's from the Word Cloud Classics (faux) leatherbound collection, and they're created by a publisher in Australia I believe. They feel absolutely amazing to hold and read, and they're complete with stunning end papers. 

So there you have it! Some of my favourite beautiful books that I currently own. I've rambled on today but if you'd like to see the books "in the flesh", I also filmed a video:

Have a great day!

PS, between you and me, Puffin are releasing some BEAUTIFUL books in October/November, eeeek!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Birthday Presents! | 2014

Hello everyone! You might remember from my last post that it was my birthday on Sunday, and I thought you might like to see some of the presents I received.

I know some people take offence to this type of thing so I'll throw a little disclaimer out there; everything in the following post/video was indeed given to me for my birthday, as gifts, and I am a very lucky girly. If you don't like this sort of video/post and see it as "bragging", then you don't need to read on... I just thoroughly enjoy seeing what other people get for their birthday, and thought I'd share my gifts with you.

Now that's out of the way, onto the presents! My family and boyfriend spoiled me rotten; I received some money, books, stationery and a gorgeous bracelet from my boyfriend to name a few things. As you can see from the photos, my boyfriend also spoiled me with some flowers and some of the prettiest books I've ever seen! 

As a complete book nerd, I was obviously most excited about the new novels I was given. I was lucky enough to receive seven books this year;
  • Habits of the House, Fay Weldon
  • Devil's Consort, Anne O'Brien
  • The Virgin Widow, Anne O'Brien
  • The King's Curse, Philippa Gregory 
  • The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum
  • Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
  • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen 
I've already read Lolita and Pride and Prejudice, but I didn't have a physical copy of them and my lovely boyfriend bought me the beautiful editions I had on my Amazon wishlist, along with the stunning Penguin Threads edition of The Wizard of Oz. Seriously, it's so beautiful that I almost cried. The first three books on the list are historical fiction novels that my Mum thought I would like (and I'm sure I will, they sound right up my street!) and The King's Curse is the latest novel in the Cousins' War series by Philippa Gregory, my favourite historical fiction author.

If you'd like to take a closer look at my birthday presents, here's the video!

Hope you're having a great day!