Saturday, 3 December 2016

Join Me For Blogmas & Vlogmas 2016!

Hello all, and happy December!

So super excited to share that I'm (kind of) doing Vlogmas and Blogmas this year, even though this post is coming a few days late. Behind already, so typical of me! I say "kind of", because I'm doing things a bit differently this year. I intend to upload a video on my youtube channel every day, however, there will be a mix of content. Some days there'll be a vlog (the first of which you can see below) and other days there'll be a craft-related video. I'm hoping that this will mean there's something for everyone to enjoy, and it will give me a bit of variety too. I'm making a few mini albums for December and I'm hoping to share my process with you throughout the month, as well as sharing my usual project life pages. 

As for Blogmas, I'm blogging every day, but on alternate blogs: one day I'll post here, and the next I'll post on my dog blog. Again, I'm hoping this will give me some variety and keep me motivated, and blogging every other day also gives me free days to write spontaneous posts if I feel like it! I hope you'll follow along with me.

I really hope you enjoy, are you doing Vlogmas or Blogmas this year?

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